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EC X17

EC X17 - CNC Steper Controller with Ethernet

  • This 4 Axis CNC Stand-Alone stepper controller on 32 bits ensures smooth and accurate fast motion
  • Command and program loading is made from the EC Watch software via USB or Ethernet
  • Designed specifically for work with Broken Tool Sensor and the external keyboard
  • Can be used for: Milling, drilling, engraving, cutting laser engraving
  • It works in G code (Mach3 version) but also in Excellon code for PCB drilling
  • New features have been added to those already established in the G code and controllers
  • Ensures the work with: Parameters, expressions, functions, subroutines and macros
  • Four offset types: Temporary offset, G92 offset, Work offset (254 positions) and Tool offset
  • Tool radius compensation and length compensation
  • Two path control modes: Exact stop mode and constant velocity mode
  • Allows automatic tool change (255 of tools) and connection to conveyor belts or other machines
  • Supports the coolant, laser and spindle controls: ON, OFF, CW, CCW, PWM
  • Supports 32 input signals, 16 output signals and 8 motor signals
  • Home reference configurable on four axes
  • Soft Limits and Overryde Limits configurable
  • It can store programs with over 100,000 program lines in two distinct memory locations: RAM and Flash
  • Is equipped with: A standard parallel port, two serial ports and a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  • Connecting the CNC is done on the parallel port of the Controller just like any PC
  • The maximum frequency on the output of an axis is: 250KHz and the pulse width can be adjusted

Advantages of using the EC controller compared to other solutions
EC X17 DataSheet EC X17 Installing guide

BTS X17 - Broken tool detection system through torque monitoring

  • This Non-contact broken tool sensor, can be used for: Drilling, milling, engraving and cutting
  • Unlike contact systems it can work in any material: Conductive (metal) or non-conductive (wood, plastic)
  • Eliminates the dead times required to check the tool in classic systems
  • Does not require changing the program by adding verification routines for checking the tool
  • Easy to install on the CNC and does not require modification or addition of mechanical components
  • Works in tandem with EC Controllers connected to their serial port and on CNC spindles
  • Configuration and control are made from the EC Watch software
  • The optimal power of the spindle is in the range: 100 - 600W for motors operating at 48VDC
  • These features refer to the basic version anyway it can be customized at the customer's request
BTS X17 DataSheet
EC Watch software

EC Watch sofware - Visual interface for CNC Ethernet Controllers

  • It's the only software you need to work with EC family devices
  • Working with the following file types: G code, Excellon and Gerber
  • Ensure editing, testing programs and displaying their tool path
  • Ensures the work with: Parameters, expressions, functions, subroutines and macros
  • Provides a wizard to generate programs for various forms and processes
  • Works on Windows XP and later
  • Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later package

EC Watch 3.0 - Free download

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EC watch 3.0 download EC Watch Help download EC Watch features

Samples of programs
  • Programs in G-code (milling, engraving, laser cutting)
  • Working with Macros, Expressions and Functions
  • Excellon programs (PCB drilling)
  • Gerber programs (PCB cutting)
Samples download


Adds new features to your CNC

  • EC X17 - CNC Ethernet Stepper Controller installing guide (Video tutorial on Youtube)
  • Cutting rectangle with Tool radius compensation - EC Watch wizard (Video tutorial on Youtube)
  • Add Broken Tool Sensor to your CNC - BTS X17 Installing guide (Video tutorial on Youtube)
  • Testing the operation of a BTS X17 by intentionally breaking the drill (0.3mm) bit that drills a PCB (Youtube)